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Summer is Calling!

While the rest of the country is withering away in the cold and snow, it was a sunny and hot 90 degrees in LA today. And with the heat and sun, it seems to have jump started everyone into summer mode. And nothing means summer more than the beach and your bikini body so a hike seemed like the obvious choice. It's as if the weather brought out pops of color in me. And I guess I wasn't the only one. 

On my latest hike at Instagram Hipsters (aka Runyon Canyon,) I saw plenty of this. Lots of bold, bright, neon colors from shoes to sports bras to tops. So, in preparation for my next trip, I've started stocking up on plenty of bright neon and Instagram worthy pieces. Here are some of my favorites:

Givenchy Antigona

This bag is kind of a big deal. It's kind of amazing. Miranda Kerr has it so it's obviously cool right? 

Coming in at a cool $2500, the Givenchy Antigona was love at first sight. While I was looking at pictures of various celebrities with the bag, all of Miranda's numerous looks TOTALLY trumped anyone else who carried the bag, without comparison.

 I love that the bag is sleek and classy, it's structured without being too boxy, and it is the perfect compliment to any outfit or occasion. This is the perfect example of a designer bag that is an investment because of its longevity. Here please, take a look at some more amazing pictures of this bag. And Miranda. Miranda and the bag. Enjoy!


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My Favorite Hiking Trails

While we all may be a slave to the stair master, nothing beats popping out of the gym and heading for a hike in this beautiful California weather. Here are a few of my favorite spots:

Runyon Canyon (Hollywood)
Put on your trendiest outfit and head here to be seen. Literally. (You'll probably see the paparazzi.) Not only will you capture a great Instagram photo and run into a few celebrities, but you'll get in a great workout. This place has a few different trails for your taste with varying intensity levels so ti will definitely be up to par with a gym workout. Plus, there's tuns of great spots to hit up afterwards for lunch, (like Urth Caffe,) or a quick smoothie, (Pressed Juicery.) Definitely a must go.

Garcia Trail (Azusa)
What's an Azusa? Is that a new color? While this city may not be well known, it's popular "cross" photos are littered all over Instagram. It also happens to be a pretty good hike. Some parts are pretty steep so it's always a good idea to go with a buddy, just to be on the safe side.

Crystal Cove (Newport Beach)
This hike is great because it offers so much. There is a trail that you can run near the ocean up to the mountain for  an extra workout before the hike and to take int he scenery. I mean, who doesn't love the beach? The hike itself is pretty long and all uphill but it's worth it! Don't forget to jog on the way down to burn those extra calories! Definitely worth the trip, not just for the hike but to check out this cozy beach town!


We celebrated my younger cousin's birthday tonight and I absolutely love this place. Javier's has such a great vibe, it's great for a date, a night out with friends, or for a family event. Very classy, but lovely. Can't wait to go back!


Always chase your dreams and aspirations. If you don't live your life to your full potential, it will be as if you didn't live at all. Happy Monday everyone!

Did Someone Say Trendy?

Did someone say trendy? Was Regina George over? These new items from the Victoria's Secret PINK collection are Instagram worthy and capture all your favorite catch phrases. What an easy and obvious purchase. Here are some of my personal favorites:

The "I Hate Running" tank is my personal favorite but I had to get all of them!

They're so fetch.

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