Sleek, Simple, Semi Casual Everyday Outfits


Lately, I've been coming accross simple, yet chic, everyday looks from celebrities and when I recently saw Ashley Tisdale out and about, it all came together in a sense. Personally, I love dressing up for my everyday look but somehow I always end up with a fussy, too hard, too put together look that requires a lot of attention and annoyance throughout the day, even though it looks cute :) What these celebrities have shown me is an easier, simple way to look put together but by using basics.

 I love that Ashley Tisdale and Miranda Kerr kept it simple with plain tees. It seems that the part of the outfit that makes it seem a little fancier is that they all add booties, which are so comfortable, yet look classy, with some sort of coat or blazer which cleans up the look a lot. All in all, these celebrities have inspired me by showing us how to use the simple basics that we already own in our closets to put together a great, sleek yet simple outfit for everyday wear!